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Transform your health in Puerto Rico with Doctors Frey

Recover your health & reverse disease 
Live a healthier life!

Find out how fasting can help you achieve your health goals. Want to know if you're a good fit?
Get a free consultation with Dr. Frey.

Obtén la salud que deseas.

Haz tu transición a una vida sana de forma llevadera y exitosa. 
Obtén la educación continua, acceso a una creciente biblioteca de recetas, charlas sobre los tópicos de salud más importantes, videos instructivos para mejorar tus hábitos, guías alimentarias y apoyo. La membresía In the Garden es una plataforma virtual guiada dirigida por la Dra. Joanna para equiparte a lograr una vida sana de forma accesible y adecuada. 



Meet Our Clinic

The only Hispanic clinic specializing in disease prevention and reversal using lifestyle changes and supervised water fasting.


Many visitors first come to our website because of an illness. A desire for a healthier life. Many are seeking a better way to live and eat. Some are frustrated with their current state of health and are disappointed with the medical paradigm, which rarely results in improved health. There is no better testimony for our work than the success of our patients. We are incredibly proud of their achievements.

Do you want to see more successful cases of chronic disease reversal?


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