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The initial consultation is the first step in becoming a Back to the Garden patient. We work with patients (of all ages) with all types of conditions as well as patients who wish to maintain and optimize their health. Patients can attend their visits in person or virtually. We serve local and international patients. Those interested in visiting the residential center for a fasting program also begin care with an initial consultation.

This can last an hour or more. During the visit the doctor can take a detailed history, review diagnostic tests that are available, and discuss management options for that patient. Once you make your payment through this platform, you will receive an email confirming your query and the documents that you must fill out before it. Once the reservation is complete, we will be contacting you within business hours from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 6pm.

You can also call +1 (787)-282-7865 or send us an email at to start the procedures to coordinate your consultation.

Many want to know what our vision and education about health is that differentiates us from the system based on remedies for health. Below we will answer several of these questions.

Let's start by explaining our philosophy:

Behind all our decisions as doctors (in Back to the Garden) is the basic knowledge that the body is designed to be healthy. That health is our natural state. 

Disease is not an enemy, simply a term that defines a loss of health, a loss of normal healthy function in our body or in a specific organ. 

Health and illness are not random events, both health and illness have causes. 

One set of conditions can cause illness, while another set of conditions can cause health. 

Our first approach is to identify the causes of disease, eliminate these causes, and then build the most appropriate environment for health to develop. 

Of course, each individual is different, so the methods used to achieve the most efficient environment are different in each case. 


The main guidelines we follow are the same in all cases.

What are the guiding principles of health?

What happens during a first visit as a new patient?

Why is it so important to understand how we get sick?

What kind of changes do our patients have to make?

Home allowances?

Are there follow-up visits?

What remedies or treatments do we use?

Where did the doctors learn this type of health care?

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