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party plates

party plates


Learn how to prepare PARTY/BIRTHDAY/BBQ DISHES from the comfort of your home!



  1. “Back to the Garden” Skewers (vegan skewers) Sauce to MARINATE the Skewers
  2. Coli-Wings (Vegan Wings, the ones in the Photo)
  3. Creamy Sauce- Dijon Sour Cream
  4. Veggie Burgers (Vegan Burgers)


These dishes are free of gluten, refined flours and sugars, oils, salt and animal products. You will learn to make tasty, "kid-friendly" dishes, eye-catching, easy to prepare and with readily available ingredients. These dishes are a SUCCESS in

any activity or at home. 150% healthy and without tricks ;).


This ebook has a video on facebook where Dr. Frey teaches you how to make all these dishes. The link will be available in the ebook if you are interested in the demo class.

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