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Reversion of Hypertension Stage 4

Arriving at the center this patient had a blood pressure of 185/110. Leaving the center 18 days later her blood pressure was 105/75. Her systolic blood pressure was lowered by 80 points, diastolic was lowered by 35 points. She lost As health grows on the inside, the outside changes as well. The difference in outward appearance is startling.

High blood pressure is the number 1 contributing cause of death in the United States and the western world. The appropriate management for this condition is to first address causation. Change habits in order to eliminate the causes of hypertension. And if the changes in habit are not sufficient, or it we can’t maintain those changes for long enough to achieve normal blood pressure, we employ a supervised water fast. Our clinic maintains a 100% success rate at reducing and normalizing the blood pressure. If you know anyone who has high blood pressure and wants to reverse it, send them over. In doing so you could be saving their life.


Reversal of Hypertension stage 4

Before 185/110

After 105/75

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