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Essential Recipes

Essential Recipes

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Greetings to all!


Here is our first book “Essential Recipes” and it is available to you! This book is full of excellent recipes that will transform your life to well-being. "Essential Recipes" will help you recreate some of your favorite Creole recipes at a completely healthy level. For example, brown rice with beans and stewed pigeon peas that is loose without using oil; crunchy baked plantains, oatmeal cake without flour and sugar, delicious dressings without oil, and many more. All recipes are free of animal products, oils of all kinds, salt, preservatives, and chemicals. You can add what you want but we at the BTG Clinic are going to offer you the recipes at the most optimal level of nutrition. This is the only diet that is proven to prevent and reverse chronic disease. Visit our educational area at where we have informative videos reinforced with a lot of scientific literature explaining the benefits that this diet offers to all kinds of people.


In health,


Dr Asa Frey BS, DC, IAHP
Dr. Joanna Frey BFA, DC, IAHP

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